About Pocket Share
Pocket Share is a new charitable initiative that works in tandem with Gibson Company, a real estate brokerage and consulting firm.

Mission Statement: 
Our mission is to model a life predicated on doing good, living for today, and leaving a legacy.  ---- Living the profound concept of a famous German saying, which when translated means, “the last shirt has no pockets.”

Gibson Company encourages a philanthropic spirit by utilizing a model that benefits those in need. The goal of Pocket Share is to attract charitable minded clients and referral sources by living and breathing supreme values.

For each deal secured through a referral, Gibson Company will donate 50 percent of its gross revenue earned from referrals to a charitable organization of the referee’s choice.

Pocket Share encourages business people to leave a legacy while they are still alive through the faithful sharing of resources.

The benefits are substantial. First and foremost, our clients are provided with uncompromising professional service that is independent, attentive, and results-driven. Second, worthy institutions and foundations receive additional income that is essential to their lifeline and continued operations. Finally, there is no direct cost to anyone. We make the contribution, you receive the recognition.

About Tom Gibson
Some recent health scares were enough to cause Gibson Company founder, Tom Gibson, to evaluate the purpose in his life. He took a step back to reflect on what mattered to him most. He quickly realized that to him leaving a legacy amounted to giving back to the community in which he lives and to those who are in need. This ultimately led to the conception of Pocket Share.

The name Pocket Share is inspired by Tom’s lifelong friend, a German exchange student he met in high school. As an adult, his friend faced a life-threatening illness. When Tom called to console his friend, he shared a famous German saying, which when translated means, “the last shirt has no pockets.” Tom became determined to live the spirit of those words after hearing of his friend’s illness and living through his own.

That phrase helps remind Tom of the importance of living for today because you never know when your time will come. As far as money, “you can’t take it with you.”

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